The Best TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Under Rs 10,000
The Best TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Under Rs 10,000

Priced under Rs 10K, these Bluetooth earbuds offer excellent sound quality and come with features that can rival some premium models.


It’s almost impossible to imagine a day without your Bluetooth earbuds. Whether you need to plug into some high-energy music during your gym workout or look sharp for a virtual meeting, there are a number of TWS Bluetooth earbuds options that serve the purpose. The buds listed here deliver great bang for your buck and don’t compromise on key features—and they are priced under Rs 10k.


Nothing ear (1): This one breaks clichés in the TWS Bluetooth earbuds space with its stripped-down design — you see the microphones, magnets and circuit board. The design is not intended to be just a showstopper but it also features practical touches.



The buds feel remarkably light (just 4.7g) in your ear. The ear (1) punches way above its weight and price in the sound quality department. It’s propelled by fairly large drivers (11.6mm) and offers balanced bass, mids and treble. Wireless charging and 34 hours of battery life sweeten the deal further. (Rs 6,999)


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: If asked to pick our current favourite pair of Samsung earbuds, we’re torn between the standout design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and the sound quality of the Galaxy Buds Pro. The Live is still our pick for active lifestyles, but a further price drop on the Pro edition makes it a compelling proposition.



They’re among the best earbuds under Rs 10K on the acoustics front. The custom-built 2-way speakers with sound by AKG and 360 Audio with Dolby Head Tracking technology all add up. We also dig the clever ‘Voice Detect’ feature – these buds instantly switch from ANC to Ambient sound mode when it hears your voice. (Rs 9,990)


Google Pixel Buds A-series: The stabiliser arc – the tiny extension of the earbud that keeps the bud securely in your ear – is one of the many practical design touches in these buds. They come with three pairs of silicon tips in the box for the perfect ear fit and ear seal to shut out external sounds; they’re also comfortable to wear for long periods of time.



The A-series buds deliver 24 hours of battery life (including the case); a 15-minute charge gives you about three hours of listening time. Sound quality is quite impressive especially with Bass boost mode thanks to the 12mm dynamic drivers. (Rs 7,899)


Jabra Elite 4 Active: Jabra’s newest earbuds ace calls with its unique 4-microphone technology, and special mesh covering that adds an extra layer of wind noise protection. These earbuds feature a secure active fit and wing-free ergonomic design for active lifestyles; an IP57 certification protects them on those runs through a drizzle.



Other add-ons include Active Noise Cancellation, a customisable equaliser, and Spotify Tap playback that allows you to access your playlist instantly. (Rs 9,999)


OnePlus Buds Pro: It has one of the slimmest cases out there, just the type you can slip into those tight jeans. OnePlus manages this despite packing a 520mAh battery in this compact case and pegs the battery life at 38 hours.



It’s not just the case that’s almost weightless, the buds weigh just 4.35 gm each. They’re not just featherlight but the premium shortened-stem design ensures a great fit. ANC and sound quality are both terrific – these buds are kitted with 11mm drivers. Other features include wireless charging, IPX 4 water resistance for the case, and IPX 55 for dust and water resistance for the buds. (Rs 9,990)

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