This Case Will Transform Your Apple Watch Into An iPod
This Case Will Transform Your Apple Watch Into An iPod

Here’s the perfect case for you if you miss holding an iPod in your hands

For those who really miss holding an iPod in your hands, you’re in luck. No, Apple isn’t planning to bring back the iPod, but you can have the next best thing. 







Korean designer Yeonsoo Kang recently posted the concept she created for caseology, a company that makes high quality cases for smartphones. It’s a non-functional silicone case for the Apple watch series 4, that let’s you feel like you’re holidng an original iPod in your hands.













The silicone case has a cutout for the Apple watch to slide right in and also has small cutouts for the side buttons and the digital crown as well as in the back, so that you can continue to wirelessly charge your Apple watch. It also sports the iconic iPod scroll wheel but unfortunately, it isn’t functional, the circular dial is just there for aesthetic purposes. So you’ll need to manually touch your watch screen to operate the device like usual.







When asked when will the pod case be available to purchase, Kang told Gizmodo, that it will be “coming soon”.









Picture Credits – Behance Official Website

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