China Unveils The World’s First Virtual Newsreader
China Unveils The World’s First Virtual Newsreader

China’s latest invention hopes to cut costs and increase efficiency

China has done it again. They’ve managed to stun the world with yet another crazy invention. Earlier this year, they made headlines by announcing their plans to introduce 3 artificial moons to replace streetlights, and now, it’s their new virtual newsreader.


The main objective behind unveiling a newsreader of this kind, was so that news agencies could improve efficiency and reduce their costs when it came to presenters and anchors on their channels. They’re designed to work 24 hours a day and to read anything the editors type in.

It was developed by Chinese news channel Xinhua and China’s search engine Sogou. The technology has studied human expressions and lip movements and has has been based on a real presenter at Xinhua named Zhang Zhao. A second news anchor has also been created who is designed to read news in Chinese.

In the video released, you could easily make out the monotonous tone and bland expressions the AI had. So, is this really something that will work out? Is China’s latest invention creepy, or revolutionary? You be the judge.

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