Chromecast With Google TV Review
Chromecast With Google TV Review

A no brainer for not so smart TVs

So, you bought a LED TV in the 2010s and it’s still working well. But does it come with the smarts that are now standard fare on some cheaper TVs today? You could choose to swap your old yet functional TV for a 2022 edition smart TV with Android TV that integrates all your apps under one roof (your smart TV in this case) or stick on to your TV and sort of do your bit for the environment. Casting devices like the Apple TV or Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire Stick have provided the ideal solution to smarten TVs that have been left behind. Google’s newest Chromecast with Google TV is its latest play for this market. Should you be interested?



Who’s it for


We’ll answer this question earlier than usual. If you already own a smart TV that is a 2020s purchase, this review might be purely a ‘good to know’ read. You must read on if you’re using an older casting device or looking to invest in one for the second TV in your bedroom that you don’t want to discard. The headline feature of the new Chromecast is a new voice remote. It might sound like a bare essential but it’s not an add-on that the earlier generation of Chromecast devices boasted of.



That familiar Google design aesthetic


We’re fans of Google design language that cuts through multiple products. It’s the same design ethos that defines the new Chromecast Google TV. We like the compact and thin design of the dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and stays out of view. You still need a power source to connect to this. While one end of the dongle is an HDMI output, the other end features a USB-C port that connects to the bundled USB cable and plug. The Google TV needs more power than your HDMI port can generate. The product looks good with a premium build.


Intuitive design


We enjoyed using the all-new remote. It has all the controls you need. It’s not as minimalistic as the Apple TV remote but hotkeys for popular apps like Netflix and YouTube (a feature we’re seeing on multiple Smart TV remotes) are very handy. The new voice remote can control your TV or soundbar, change the volume, switch inputs, and more. The dedicated Google Assistant button lets you search your favourite shows, get answers, and more with just your voice.



Wrap up


At Rs 6,399 it’s tough to call the new Chromecast with Google TV a great deal. There are multiple alternatives that are lower priced but they don’t quite offer the same refinement and overall user experience. Despite its compact form the Chromecast streams crystal clear movies in up to 4K HDR 60 fps. You will appreciate the clear details and colours that are made possible with Dolby Vision. Set up is easy and the user interface adds to its appeal as a device that can give your old TV a fresh lease of life.


Chromecast with Google TV (4K) costs Rs 6,399

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