Cool Father's Day Gifting Ideas: Tech Edition
Cool Father’s Day Gifting Ideas: Tech Edition

Why not surprise him with something cool for a change?

It’s time you start making arrangements for Father’s Day and this time, you should make sure you gift him something bigger than usual. Sure, you can get him that usual gifted-to-death gifts like a goofy coffee mug or t-shirt, but this year, why don’t you take it up a notch with something a little more machine-y?


Buying him something tech-related will not only show how much you love him, but will also serve to be practical and something he can use for a good amount of time. Here are some cool tech gifts you should get your father this year:




TicPods Free



Truly wireless earphones are now the biggest audio trend and the TicPods are a great way to be part of it. Apple’s Airpods also make for a great gift, but if your dad does not own an iPhone, then the TicPods are the ones you go for. The sound is crisp and your father might like to enjoy a tangle-free music experience. 




GoPro Hero 7



Okay, we know this isn’t for every dad out there, but for the adventure junkie dads who love to trek through forests or ride motorcycles, this makes for a very cool and practical gift. 




iPad Mini



Dads love to read through web articles or watch YouTube videos on the highest volume possible. So instead of forcing him to enjoy that on his tiny phone, why not let him enjoy it on a clearer and bigger screen?




Google Home



A Google Home system can make your dad’s life much easier. Making appointments, listening to music, getting weather updates, etc, will be a lot more fun than just typing it out on a phone.




Amazon Kindle



This is for the reader dads. Nothing can ever replace the feeling of reading a book, but a Kindle is a great piece of tech that proves to be useful for heavy readers who are travelling. If your dad is one of them, then the Kindle will definitely enhance his reading experience. 




OnePlus 7 Pro







If your dad is in major need of a new phone, then the OnePlus 7 Pro is a great pick. Since you only want the best for him, right?




Audio Technica LP 60



If your dad is an avid music collector and has a load of vinyl records in his collection, getting him a brand-new record player is a great idea. Audio Technica’s LP60 offers the best of today’s technology without breaking the bank. 

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