FaceTime Bug Lets You Hear Audio Even Before The Person Picks Up
FaceTime Bug Lets You Hear Audio Even Before The Person Picks Up

FaceTime bug may be breaching your privacy

There’s some bad news for Apple users, your phone may be breaching your privacy.


Recently, a bug has been discovered on FaceTime that allows you to eavesdrop on the person you are calling even before the person has the opportunity to answer or reject your call. This bug has taken the internet by the storm, which raises further questions about Apple’s security practices.

And, this bug might just be the worst nightmare when it comes to cybersecurity violations.

Here’s how this thing works:

When you start a FaceTime video call, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap ‘Add Person.’ Then, you can add your own contact number in ‘Add Contact Number’. This way you can hear the audio ( and in some conditions, video) of the other person even if they haven’t accepted the phone.

And since this, users are trying to figure out other ways to hack people’s phone without their knowledge. The threat is real, and it can potentially affect many users. Apple has yet to fix the software issue, although they have temporarily disabled group FaceTime feature. 

As per Guardian, the issue was brought forward by an attorney, Michele Thompson and her 14-year-old son. They tried to bring this to Apple’s attention by posting about it on Facebook. Although, Apple took more than a week to get back to them.

According to the Wall Street  Journal, this wasn’t their first attempt. They had previously tried to reach the company via social media, and later through the company’s customer service.

Apple claims the security issue will be resolved ‘later in the week.’ Until then, you can disable FaceTime in iOS settings. 


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