The Father Of PUBG And The Origin Of The Most Popular Mobile Game In India
The Father Of PUBG And The Origin Of The Most Popular Mobile Game In India

Brendan Greene, started working on the game in 2016 along with a Korean gaming studio and eventually released it in 2017

Brendan Greene, who went from a modder to a developer, was the mind behind PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG), India’s most played game at the moment.


According to a report by IndiaTimes, Brendan wasn’t solely responsible for the creation of this massive game, he had help from a Korean game studio called Bluehole Entertainment.


After playing a ‘DayZ’ zombie mod, in the game Arma 2, Brendan went on to create a more realistic mod, which was inspired by the Japanese book ‘Battle Royale’, the report stated. In it, people had to survive against other people, who are trying to kill you, unlike in the ‘DayZ’ mod, where Zombies were the only ones out for your blood.


After gaining popularity and recognition on his work on Arma, Sony’s entertainment division hired Greene as a consultant, to work on their Battle Royale game, ‘H1Z1’. But Greene’s inputs were so well received, that Sony decided to release a separate standalone game with his mod, ‘H1Z1: King of the Kill.’


After that, Greene signed on with Bluehole entertainment as their creative director, and in 2016, began conceptualizing PUBG. The game eventually released in 2017 and the rest is history.


The game has completely taken over lives of people all around the world. With couples going to the extent, of having PUBG themed proposals, weddings and even baby showers. So if you thought this game really wasn’t a big deal, think again.




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