Five Alternatives To Apple's AirPods That You Should Rather Spend Your Money On
Five Alternatives To Apple’s AirPods That You Should Rather Spend Your Money On

From Bose to Motorola

Apart from being a statement piece and an international meme, the AirPods, in reality, were created for another purpose, to deliver great sound, while looking ugly and outdated. Also, one of the main reasons someone would buy the AirPods is because it acts as a statement piece, but now, with fake and cheap copies flooding the market, the ‘look-at-me-I-have-AirPods’ charm just won’t work anymore.


Sound quality being almost the same as their older wired siblings, the AirPods aren’t really a good buy for someone who is looking for quality sound. So, here are five better alternatives to Apple’s AirPods that you’d rather spend your money on:




Sennheiser Momentum



The most expensive one of them all, the Sennheiser Momentum is the crème de la crème of bluetooth wireless ear buds. It comes with a touchpad on both earbuds that allow you to control your music, calls and voice assistant. The reason you pay the big bucks is simply because of that mammoth-sized battery life. With an average battery life of 12 hours, you almost get double compared to any other device in this category.




JBL Free



The JBL Free’s come with the company’s signature sound engineering. These ear buds are light, look futuristic with that glow light on the buds and have an average battery life of 4 hours.




Samsung Gear Icon X



If you have a Samsung phone, then the Gear Icon X would be your perfect sonic companion. The buds are compatible with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant as well as with Google assistant. They also come with 4GB of internal storage, so you can download songs and hear them offline, without even using your phone. The average battery life is around 6 hours.


If you aren’t in a hurry, Samsung recently unveiled the new Galaxy Buds, which will be released in another month or two. The Galaxy Buds last longer, look better and cost lesser. 




Bose Sound Sport



Undoubtedly, the best looking ear buds among the five listed here, Bose’s Sound Sport, are truly a class apart. The Sound Sport buds provide crystal clear sound along with just the right amount of bass and treble. It can be modified to suit your preferences by downloading the Bose app on your phone and can even be tracked down in case you happen to lose them, via the app. Bose has also made them available in a bunch of two-tone whacky colours, which help them stand out in a crowd of standard boring black and whites.




Motorola Verve Buds 500



When it comes to design, it’s clear that Motorola definitely took a lot of inspiration from the AirPods, but made sure the Verve Buds 500 can do a lot more at an affordable price. The cheapest among the five, these buds are the only ones that are compatible with not only Google assistant and Siri, but also with Amazon’s Alexa. These buds can also be used as a mono Bluetooth headset. The only drawback that the Verve Buds have is their battery life. With an average battery life of just 3 hours, it makes it hard for a user to fully enjoy the various features of these buds, before having to run back over and charge them up again.

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