Five Of The Most Helpful Bike Accessories For The Everyday Biker
Five Of The Most Helpful Bike Accessories For The Everyday Biker

From intercome systems to helmet light strips

Bikers love their rides, but being on a bike isn’t the most practical thing. A bike doesn’t possess the luxuries a car might offer and that’s okay, because all a biker really wants is his/her two-wheeler and that’s about it. But if you are someone who uses your bike on a regular basis, then there are some things you should be using to make your life easier.


Take a look at five of the most helpful items every biker should have:




Gear-Shift Protector





If you keep exposing one side of your favourite shoe to the rough surface of the gear pedal, you might as well get ready to spend money on another pair because they’re not going to last. Wearing a protective layer on your shoe will help prevent them from suffering further wear and tear.


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When you’re a group of riders, communicating is important and having an intercom could prove extremely useful. 


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Helmet Light Strip







Having reflectors on your helmet is a good idea, but if you want to be noticed in a more cooler and Tron-ish way, then these light strips are a great way to do that.


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Phone Holder With Charger



Using your phone on a ride is important for either looking at maps or listening to music. A phone holder that can keep your phone in place and charge it at the same time will prove useful for those long journeys. 


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Recording your ride isn’t just a great way to capture your journey, but is also a solid medium for capturing evidence in case you’re involved in an accident. Keeping a GoPro attached to your helmet could save you one day. 


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