Apple Peek Performance 2022: Key Takeaways From The Event
iPhone SE, Mac Studio, and More – Everything Announced at the Apple Peek Performance event

From the new iPhone SE to the Mac Studio, Apple’s first big launch event of 2022 was a good indication of what’s in store

Apple Silicon and processing power were the key buzzwords at Apple’s first big launch event of 2022 — the Apple Peek Performance. Everything from the entry-level iPhone to the iPad and the Mac that got faster were talked about. We were right about the new iPhone SE, one of the major announcements at the event. There a lot more that Apple unveiled at the event. Let’s take a look.


Apple iPhone SE rebooted


You might mistake it for the Apple iPhone 8 or the 2020 iPhone SE, but the iPhone SE is a whole new beast. The big change is at the heart of the SE — it gets a A15 Bionic processor. The new SE features the same zippy chipset as the iPhone 13 quartet, and Apple says it will improve battery life. The 4.7-inch display and the design language are unchanged. The SE is kitted with a 12MP rear cam that comes with camera enhancements like Smart HDR 4 and Photographic Styles. The new SE is now the most affordable 5G-ready iPhone you can buy (Rs 43,900 onwards). Aside from first-time iPhone buyers, this one’s also targeted at fans of small screen devices.



Colour refresh for the iPhone 13


The Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro now come in new hues of green. It’s the same ceramic shield front cover that Apple claims is much more durable. The iPhone 13 Pro comes in a new Alpine Green while the 13 gets a darker coat of green.



More firepower for the iPad Air


Apple has made the iPad Pro vs Air buying decision a lot more complicated with the first iPad Air reboot since 2020. The 2022 Air (Rs 54,900 onwards) gets extra wings with the M1 chip that was earlier reserved for the iPad Pro. It also comes in a brilliant new blue shade. The Air also gets the new ‘Ultra Wide’ front camera that’s soon becoming a standard for iPads. This camera with ‘Center Stage’ enables a more natural video conferencing. The USB-C port now offers 2x faster speeds, and the new iPad Air is 5G ready.



‘Ultra’ quick


Apple’s blazing-fast new chip makes its debut in the new Mac Studio. The M1 Max boasts of a ‘die-to-die interconnect’ that allows Apple to link two of them to create the M1 Ultra. It can support up to 128GB and uses ultra high-bandwidth memory. The new Mac Studio is incredibly powerful yet compact with a square footprint of just 7.7 inches and a height of only 3.7 inches. It gets six Thunderbolt 4 ports and can drive up to four Pro XDR monitors. The version with the new M1 Ultra Chip will set you back by Rs 3,89,900. Apple also showcased the new 27-inch 5K Retina display (Rs 1,59,900 onwards) with an A13 Bionic chip with features like Centre Stage. This display comes with six speakers, four USB-C ports and multiple mics.


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