This Game Comes With A Gun That Converts Your Phone Into A Battle Royale Playground
This Game Comes With A Gun That Converts Your Phone Into A Battle Royale Playground

Say goodbye to your couch

Japanese gaming company, Takara Tomy, has just released their brand new innovative game, X-Tag. The game is a mobile phone game, that comes with a gun, that helps convert your phone into a complete battle royale game of laser tag, reported Hypebeast.


The gun is a small light white coloured gun that connects to your phone and lets you go against the other team, full battlefield/call of duty style. Each team can have up to 16 players, or you can have an all-out 64-player battle royale mode. 


The X-tag gun works on just two AAA batteries, but information on the battery life is still unknown. The top of the gun is fitted with a 360-degree receptor that captures exactly when you have gotten hit, included the report. So, there’s no need to wear a heavy chunky vest on you, you could play butt naked if you like.


To make it even more interesting, the game will also have an impressive amount of in-built arsenal of weapons and power-ups to choose from. Advanced features like the ability to detect the position of your enemies and teammates using the phone’s built-in GPS is also included, along with a chat functionality that lets you customize your avatar’s look, clothing, and accessories.


With a great range of up to 50 meters, find an open space to go full battle mode with your friends, instead of sitting on your couch the whole damn day. 






(Header Credit – X-Tag Website)

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