The Best Smartwatches To Get You Up And Running
5 Smartwatches To Get You Up And Running

Marathon runner or a casual one, these smartwatches will push you to keep moving

Today (June 1st) is Global Running Day. Most running enthusiasts will tell you that running is not just a one-off activity but is one that demands a committed and sustained daily or weekly routine. It’s helped people across the world stay fit physically and mentally. A runner will also know how important it is to have the right kit when you’re out and about, and that includes a smartwatch that won’t let you down. Here are our five smartwatch picks:


Garmin Vivomove Sport (Rs 18,990)


Garmin has been a cult favourite among serious runners. The Vivomove Sport is the perfect wearable for first-time Garmin buyers who are looking to get a taste of the brand’s running pedigree. Serious runners might recommend Garmin wearables like the Instinct Solar 2 but this new trendy, entry-level  smartwatch is a happy meeting place between a smartwatch and a fashion watch. This hybrid smartwatch features real ticking hands that move to reveal a hidden touchscreen display and it is packed with a raft of wellness features. (Rs 18,990)



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (From Rs 18,999)


Samsung’s latest flagship smartwatch has added multiple wellness features that ride on the brand’s new BioActive Sensor and a faster chip, including a new tool that measures body composition. Samsung’s new interval target feature for runners and cyclists lets you preset the duration, distance, and number of sets for your workout. The LTE version allows you to leave your smartphone behind and yet stay connected when you head out for a run. This is one of the smartwatches for Android users that offers this feature.



Apple Watch SE (From Rs 29,900)


The Apple Watch 7 is the best wearable for iPhone users. The SE offers many of the key features on the top-of-the-line Apple Watch Series 7 and is propelled by Watch OS 8, the newest version of Apple’s Watch-specific OS that offers heaps of apps. You get the same workout tracking modes and notifications for high and low heart rate.  Apple’s advanced sleep-tracking feature doesn’t just keep track of your sleep but it also helps you create a schedule and a bedtime routine to achieve your sleep goals.



Fitbit Versa 3 (Rs 18,990)


The Versa 3 offers all the features that Fitbit fans swear by. The Versa 3 offers in-built GPS. The Fitbit OS experience is one of the best on any smartwatch. You have access to multiple watch faces, a handy bunch of apps (including Spotify support) and fitness features that includes Fitbit’s popular sleep tracking option. You could opt for Fitbit Premium (Rs 999/year) for drill-down data and guided running programmes that safely ramp up your intensity, whether you want to go from walking to running or want to get a little bit faster.



Amazfit GTR 3 Pro (Rs 18,999)


Amazfit’s BioTracker is at the heart of all the wellness features of this smartwatch. We dig the ‘One-tap Measuring’ feature a handy inclusion. All you have do is hit this button and keep your wrist still for 45 seconds. You get four key metrics delivered on one screen – blood oxygen saturation (SpO2 levels), heart rate, breaths per minute and a stress level score. The GTR 3 Pro boasts of an Ultra HD AMOLED and the navigation crown that will remind you of your old school wristwatch.



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