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Lost your Android device? You’ll find it sooner than you think

Have you lost a precious phone or two in the past? Google’s omniscience has now advanced to a point where it can track your personal Android device for you via GPS. Don’t believe us? Just type ‘find my phone’ into your Google search bar.


Entering the following words into a Google browser you’re logged into prompts the software to call up Android Device Manager and begin hunting for your phone immediately, zeroing in on the area using Google maps. Once detected (you need data connectivity), you are asked to sign in once again to confirm your identity following which you have the option to either ring your phone at full volume for 5 minutes, lock it, or wipe it clean.



Android Device Manager isn’t a new app. However, the option of a simple search term speeding up your phone search is, so anyone prone to panic attacks can take solace in the fact that they will be reunited with their phone shortly.

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