Help Leonardo DiCaprio Win an Oscar - Please!
Leonardo DiCaprio is a lot of things – mega star, multi-millionaire, heartthrob, environmental crusader – but he’s not an Oscar winner. He has tried very hard to be an Oscar winner, mind you, but has failed. Along this tortuous path, he has gone to increasingly extreme lengths to suffer for his art, but the Academy has thus far said “Whatevs.” If he doesn’t snag an Oscar for The Revenant, there’s absolutely no telling how he’ll react, although our guess is ‘not well.’



To avoid this circumstance, give DiCaprio a leg up in his quest and play Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage (, a free arcade-style browser game in which you’ll have to make Leo jump over the paparazzi, icebergs and Lady Gaga, crawl to a Lamborghini and outrun Michael Fassbender, among other things.



 Remember, every minute you spend on the game will increase Leo’s Oscar chances. Actually, it’ll have no impact whatsoever, but have a go anyway.


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