Here's Why There's No Use Of Having 5G Mobile Phones In India
Here’s Why There’s No Use Of Having 5G Mobile Phones In India

People have been surging towards the recently launched 5G network. But is it really worth the hype?

Just when we thought we had mastered the art of operating 4G, the market launches a new, hopefully, faster network. 5G mobile phones are being introduced and launched in India this year and have already created a frenzy among the targetted audience. 


After 3G and 4G, everyone’s expecting 5G to change the data game but we hate to break it, nothing is going to be different. As you can tell by the name, 5G is supposed to have greater connectivity and faster internet speed but all it is going to have is less coverage due to increased bandwidth. This problem occurs while using 3G and 4G as well so it’s safe to say, it could get worse with 5G. Thus, people who are looking to switch to the 5G network may as well prepare themselves for poor coverage which will lead to loss of connection (and their minds) every now and then.







Since 5G is technically a concept for the future, its difficult to get the desired speed required to actually use it. Other than that, you will be paying double the amount for a network with connectivity that is not even half as good. 




After having a terrible experience with 4G personally, I would just like to go ahead and say that we are not ready for 5G. Even after getting a 5G mobile it will take professionals to install the network on the phone at an additional cost. Then it will take time to resolve the security and privacy issues in the phone. Plus, considering the technology itself is under development, we are surely far behind from actually being able to use the network and enjoy the benefits it claims to offer. 



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