Iconic Video Game Soundtracks of Recent Times; Doom Eternal, Journey, Final Fantasy 7
Iconic Video Game Soundtracks of Recent Times

Who doesn’t like killing demons to the sound of heavy metal?

Lately, video games have evolved from being a weekend pastime to an interactive medium of visual storytelling. But sometimes, the cutting-edge graphics or the gameplay just aren’t enough to suck you into the world of pixels. What really gives the immersive experience a finishing touch is the soundtrack that accompanies your titles. That said, here are five of the most iconic video game soundtracks that we’re a fan of.





Killing Demons from hell isn’t half as much fun if it’s not scored to the background of Mick Gordon’s soundtrack. Comprising tracks from different metal genres like industrial djent, power and prog metal, the 2016 game and its following sequel use music in a unique way that adds more to the catharsis of playing the title.


Persona 5



This turn-based RPG somehow manages to balance substance with style, not only with its gameplay but with its overall musical elements as well. The Shoji Meguro-made soundtrack consists of different bangers ranging from the killer opening title of “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” to the more sombre “Beneath the Mask” track, hitting all the right notes.


Final Fantasy 7



Not many video game soundtracks manage to capture the grandeur of its title as well as Square Enix with its long-standing Final Fantasy series. But perhaps the game which takes the cake has to be Final Fantasy 7, packing memorable tracks like “Aerith’s Theme” that pull you into the ever-evolving world with ease for 100 hours.


Dark Souls



A little ominous and a whole lot of creepy is how we’d describe the Dark Souls soundtrack, composed by Motoi Sakuraba. When the low notes aren’t making your skin crawl while you’re exploring a dungeon, boss music like “Taurus Demon” and “Ornstein & Smough” will ensure capturing the feel of fighting something outwardly.





Of course, everyone’s favourite indie title had to make the list. The only game on the list to be nominated for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media at the 2013 Grammy Awards, Austin Wintory’s composition for Journey is nothing short of extraordinary. The score manages to capture the essence of adventure, following our hero’s journey to the mountain, accompanied by an impressive and equally memorable tracklist.


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