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The size, in inches, of the new iPad Pro, thus making it as big as some laptops. It has a full-sized virtual keyboard, an optional stylus (Steve Jobs hated them, just so you know), an optional physical keyboard, a claimed 10-hour battery life and a starting price of $799, or roughly Rs 53,000 – the top-end model costs $1079, or about Rs 72,000.


$99 (roughly Rs 6,600)


What it’ll cost you to buy the stylus for the iPad Pro – Apple calls it the Apple Pencil and claims that there is no lag between your applying a stroke with it and the stroke appearing on the screen.





The sometimes wisecracking personal assistant is now an integral part of Apple TV – which gets its first refresh since 2012. There’s a new touch-based remote, game-playing ability, a much faster processor and a higher price tag.



6S and 6S Plus


Named as expected, the updated iPhones have a few significant improvements (a faster processor is a given). There’s a new aluminium alloy build, a 12 MP camera, a 5 MP front-facing camera with a Retina flash and four colours – gold, rose gold, space grey and silver.



Force Touch


The Apple Watch has it already, and the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have what Apple calls 3D Touch. This feature lets the phone distinguish between various levels of touch pressure on the screen; for example, a light touch will let you preview an email, whereas a harder one will open it up fully.





The luxury brand has teamed up with Apple to create three new leather


straps for the Apple Watch – which gets a few upgrades, notably Watch OS 2



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