iOS 16 Is Now Available In India — Here’s Everything You Need To Know
iOS 16 Is Now Available In India — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The new onboard systems even claim to guard against spyware such as Pegasus

After a major global event earlier this month, tech giant Apple gears up for the sixteenth release of their iOS operating system, giving iPhone users a host of new features to look forward to.


iOS 16’s launch comes a few months after it was announced at the Apple developer’s conference (WWDC 2022) back in June. With a new lock screen, new widget support, and critical security updates, there’s plenty to look forward to with the all-new release.


Supported Models


Sorry, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users — according to Apple, iOS 16 will only be available for iPhone 8 and above. The all-new iPhone 14 will ship with iOS 16 right out of the box when in stores. In case you own an iPhone and are unsure, Apple will be sending a notification to all eligible users, confirming that the update will be available on your device.


What’s New?


Lock Screens
A big update that’s been long-requested by Apple fans is the inclusion of multiple lock screens — each with a unique backdrop. Another lock screen feature, the Lice Activities tab will allow users to easily (and contextually) keep an eye on updates that they may need, without having to unlock their phones. This allows for simpler controls such as the ‘Now Playing’ feature, or more detailed information such as food delivery tracking screens.
Notifications have also received a big revamp for lock screens, with the ability to set expanded list views, stacked views, or hidden views for discreetness. Notifications have also been shifted to the bottom of the screen, marking a big visual departure from iOS 15.


Focus also gets an update by allowing users to select specific apps and contacts, and contextually silence or allow them to ring. This works great for switching between work and off hours, with multiple lists and to-do setups for anyone looking to balance their device’s work-life balance


Finally, new messages can be quickly edited or even unsent — a great help for anyone who’s sent the wrong text to the wrong person. You can also mark messages as unread, and keep them handy for later viewing if you’re busy.


New AI Imaging Features
On Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, Safari, and more, users will now be able to quickly grab objects from an image and isolate them from backgrounds, without any messy Photoshop work. The new update also adds a feature that allows users to pause video with text in it, and easily copy the text,
translate, share, and more.


The new UI also adds a bit of flexibility for users looking to get the perfect shot, with a quick swipe gesture allowing the camera app to switch between modes and filters. iPhone 13 and above also get
an upgraded cinematic mode.




A key update for a platform that greatly advertises user security, Apple offers a new setting called Lockdown mode which will protect iPhones against spyware such as Pegasus.


Lead Image: Apple Inc.

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