Is LG's Palm Reading Technology The Best New Way Of Unlocking Your Phone?
Is LG’s Palm Reading Technology The Best New Way Of Unlocking Your Phone?

A whole new way of unlocking your phone

LG recently launched the G8 at the 2019 MWC held in February. The phone doesn’t really live up to its competitors but was one of the most talked about devices at the event, simply because of that all-new palm-reading unlock technology. 


An upgrade from last year’s G7 ThinQ, the G8’s biggest change is that front camera, which LG calls “Z-Camera”, that comes with a time-of-flight or ToF sensor that helps it detect gestures, motions and even the depth in front of it, that helps engage LG’s brand new Hand ID unlock technology, reported The Verge.


But how does it work? It throws a pulse of infrared signal at your palm, after which it extracts a map of your veins based on how the hemoglobin in your blood absorbs the infrared signal, which will then allow you to unlock your phone by simply showing the camera your palm.




Apart from being practical, LG claims that it is a great way of securing your phone because the vein map are extremely hard to trick. Also, another great feature is that it will also allow you to answer or decline calls, control your music and the volume without even touching your phone. 


In theory, it does sound pretty cool and seems to be just as easy as unlocking your phone with Face ID. It definitely is a great way to unlock your phone if it’s lying on a flat surface and you don’t really want to pick it up and use it. 


For now, the technology is only available in the LG G8, but only time will tell if this kind of tech will be used in other major phone brands like Samsung or Apple.






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