OnePlus Monitor X 2 Review: Immersive Second Screen
OnePlus Monitor X 2 Review: Immersive Second Screen

Does OnePlus’ entry into a new product segment get off to a flying start?

In about two years we’ve gone from WFH to hybrid work models even as our work flows and patterns have been drastically altered. It’s changed consumer buying preferences, created new categories and also revived some gadget segments like tabs that were seeing a decline. One of the big changes is the rise of the second screen, a larger display for home offices or work
stations. These screens also offer a more immersive experience for hardcore gamers. OnePlus has made rapid progress from the time it launched its first OnePlus smartphone back in 2014. It might have been a cult brand back then but has expanded its footprint across product categories from earbuds to TVs to wearables and now monitors.


The brand has just unveiled two variants of the OnePlus Monitors that have generated a fair bit of pre-launch buzz and leaks. These monitors come in two sizes – the 24-inch OnePlus Monitor E 24 and the top of the line OnePlus Monitor X 27 that we checked out


Swings both ways



The X 27 is ridiculously easy to set up. Unbox and connect it to your tab, laptop or smartphone via a HDMI or USB-C slot and it auto detects it without a fuss. I used this monitor with a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and also connected it to my MacBook and iPad. The monitor charged my MacBook when I connected it from USB-C to USB-C (OnePlus bundles this cable in the box); super convenient. The base unit or what OnePlus calls the ‘Multi-Angle Adjustable Stand’ is ultra-flexible. You can tilt, rotate or pivot the monitor for multiple perspectives. The height is also adjustable. Like most AIOs in the market, you get the convenience of a portrait or landscape view. The stand looks premium, we also dig the near bezel-less design of the monitor. The monitor doesn’t come with in-built speakers. You could lean on the 3.5mm jack.


Gaming proof


The ultimate test for the X 27 is screen quality; OnePlus hits hit out of the park with the display. I enjoyed Asphalt 9 on the big display (connected via my smartphone). OnePlus plays up the 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response rate. You get ultra-clear visuals with minimal lags. The monitor gets an extra boost with AMD Freesync Premium promising smooth visuals minus screen tearing and adaptive frame rates that are tailored for each game. Colours are vibrant on the 27-inch IPS Panel (2560 x 1440 pixels – QHD) with an aspect ratio of 16:9 that peaks at 350 nits of brightness. The X 27 offers an immersive experience with vivid 10-bit color and a wide DCI-P3 95% color gamut life like colours.


Who’s it for?



Like most other monitors in the market, this one’s not a touch screen. The controls and settings are slightly old school – you need to toggle with 5 buttons for settings like brightness and inputs. This can take some time getting used to.. The OnePlus Monitor X 27 is a great option if you need a larger second screen for your workflows or indulge in weekend gaming.It’s also a great binge watch screen; I didn’t miss my large screen TV as the OnePlus monitor became my default Netflix screen for an entire weekend. The X27 is a great addition to the OnePlus ecosystem and your desk.


The OnePlus Monitor X 27 costs Rs 27,999. There’s an instant cashback of Rs 1,000 for ICICI Bank customers.

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