OnePlus Open Review: Did OnePlus Just Ace Its First Foldable?
Did OnePlus Just Ace Its First Foldable?

Finally, a foldable that feels like a conventional smartphone

There’s one thing that we’ve always wished foldable smartphones would do better. Treat the cover display with the same love as the main display (the larger display as the book-type foldable unfolds). It’s the first thing you’re likely love about OnePlus’ first foray into the foldable space. The OnePlus Open is one of 2023’s most buzzed and ‘leaked’ smartphones. And it’s not without reason. OnePlus diehards were all set for a foldable smartphone that lands at a more affordable price point than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series. While the launch price might not have met some of their expectations, OnePlus is off to a flying start in the foldable segment. Is this is a case of a later mover’s advantage? We dig deeper:


Finally, a foldable that feels like a conventional smartphone.



While the Flip space in India has quite a few players, the OnePlus Open will essentially take on one device – the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5. It’s an epic contest between a seasoned player, the pioneer who has perfected its craft after multiple iterations and learnings and the new kid in town. If there’s one thing we really like about the Open, it’s the form factor. OnePlus doesn’t just manage to keep the heft around 240 gm but it’s also the form that draws on the best of the Google Pixel Fold (that’s not been launched in India) and the Fold 5. I found myself mostly using the cover display that doesn’t feel like a compromise. OnePlus does a stellar job with the design and the weight distribution, making it easy to hold through texting marathons. We checked out the Voyager Black with its faux leather finish; we prefer this colour way to the Emerald Green variant.


Immersive screen(s)



We love how OnePlus has approached the design of the displays. You get two immersive displays – a 6.31-inch cover display (2484 x 1116 pixels / 431 PPI) and a 7.82-inch primary display (2440 x 2268 pixels / 4236 PPI). Both displays feature a 120Hz refresh rate and peak at an impressive 2800 nits. I found myself flipping open the display only for content-heavy webpages, e-Books, gaming and videos. The cover display is vibrant enough for most other everyday things like scrolling through your Instagram feed. This is a big win for the OnePlus Open and it makes everyday usage and interactions with the phone a lot more seamless. If you text a lot, the larger main display on the Open is a lot more comfortable to type on compared to the Z Fold 5.


Speed? No problem



OnePlus has packed this device with best-of-breed hardware. No surprises here, we’ve come to expect OnePlus devices to offer a zippy performance. It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of Internal storage. It’s fun to game and multi-task on this smartphone with OnePlus’ Open Canvas solution. There’s a 4805 mAh battery under the hood that offers a similar battery life to what we experienced on the Fold 5. Battery life becomes even more subjective on foldable devices depending on your use-case scenarios and which display you’re likely to use more. OnePlus sweetens the deal with a 67W fast charger in the box that takes this device from 1 to 100% in just over 40 minutes. There’s one puzzling omission at this price point though – wireless charging.


Co-designed with Hasselblad


OnePlus has pitched the Open as the foldable camera to beat. It’s building its case on superior hardware and its partnership with Swedish camera major Hasselblad. The results in lowlight are quite similar to the Z Fold 5 but the OnePlus Open has a discernible advantage in zoom and portrait images. The device comes with a 48MP primary lens, a 64MP telephoto lens and a 48MP ultra-wide lens. There’s also a dual front cam. It’s quite a versatile package.



‘Open’ to switch?


OnePlus gets most things right with its first ever foldable. We love the form factor and the displays. The camera and the battery won’t let you down. If there are a few minor cribs, it’s the lack of wireless charging and the overall UI that needs a few more refinements. We’re used to OnePlus smartphones being flagship killers – offering a bunch of features at a more affordable price tag. The OnePlus Open is clearly new territory for the brand. It aims to take on flagship foldables on their turf at a similar price point. The OnePlus Open makes a compelling case for a foldable smartphone and that in itself is a big win for the brand in its first attempt.  


The OnePlus Fold costs Rs 1,39,999 and comes in Voyager Black and Emerald Dusk. OnePlus is offering a whole bunch of launch offers

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