Reon Pocket: Sony's New Air Conditioner That Can Fit In A Pocket
Reon Pocket: Sony’s New Air Conditioner That Can Fit In A Pocket

It can reportedly last up to 90 minutes and can be controlled by your smartphone via Bluetooth

Indian summers can be very unforgiving and sometimes, you just wish you could carry your air conditioner along with you. Sony shares the same logic and now has a solution to that. 


Tech giant Sony is coming up with a futuristic solution to solve the on-going heat crisis which most of us suffer on a daily basis. Imagine having a tiny air conditioner that can fit in your T-shirt pockets, the one which can be carried everywhere. 

The personal air conditioner is named Reon Pocket and is worn below a person’s neck in a pocket of a specially made undershirt. The device can be controlled with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The device’s battery will last up to 90 minutes after charging for two hours. 

According to Sony, the Reon Pocket can decrease a person’s body temperature by 13 degrees Celcius and it can also raise it by 8 degrees Celcius, to stay warm in the cold winters.


The Japanese consumers would be the first ones to get their hands on Sony’s newly launched device in March 2020. It is expected to release in the U.S in late 2020. There is no information on Sony’s plan of releasing this in India, even though we’re the country that needs this ASAP.

Sony is taking up orders for its new air conditioning device on its First Flight crowdfunding platform, with the cost of a single device starting from 2760 yen, approximately Rs 1750.

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