[Review] The OnePlus 6 Is A Winner. Period
[Review] The OnePlus 6 Is A Winner. Period

The OnePlus 6 is the brand’s third major launch in just 11 months. It also comes with an Avengers special edition

To call the OnePlus 6 one of 2018’s most anticipated devices is not an exaggeration. It’s only been four years but the brand has built a sticky base of fans who ensure the brand’s launches generate massive hype. The OnePlus 6 is the brand’s third major launch in just 11 months, that’s a lot for a company that has traditionally focused all its energies on one phone every year — an approach that draws comparisons with Apple’s iPhone.


That’s not the only connection, the brand’s seamless blend of hardware and software is another trait it shares with the iPhone. Back in June 2017, the OnePlus 5 followed the iPhone 7 template for its dual cam, almost a year later, one of talking points of the OnePlus 6 is its camera setup and of course the notch. This year OnePlus also unveiled an Avengers Limited Edition that was available for order a few days after the OnePlus 6.



The OnePlus 6 switches to the vertical dual camera (16MP + 20 MP) setup that most flagships, including the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, have preferred over the last few months. The company says it’s also part of a rediscovery of its design roots –- the placement of the camera is reminiscent of the OnePlus One.


Four years might not be a long time in the real world but it’s clearly a long time in the smartphone space, enough time for OnePlus to use the ‘design legacy’ tag. The camera is one of the big leaps for the 6. The 5T wasn’t a big jump over the 5 in terms of its camera credentials. The 6 combines common sense with some cool AI tweaks. OIS (Optical image stabilisation) is back and elevates the low-light capabilities of this device. The camera also features a sensor that’s 19% larger than its predecessor and a f/1.7 aperture ensuring better low-light images. It still hasn’t conquered low-light photography the way pricier flagships in the 60,000 plus price range have.



It’s not just low-light images that are better, portrait images (you can also shoot on portrait mode on the 16MP selfie cam now) are sharper and we also dig the slow-mo mode that allows you to grab terrific slow-mo videos at 240 FPS (frames per second). The camera is clearly an area where OnePlus has upped its game. It’s the same with the design and build. It was only a matter of time before OnePlus caught up with the ‘all glass’ form factor wave that’s been sweeping the smartphone space especially in the high-end segment. The 6 comes in a set of three colours, including a standout silk white that uses pearl dust for its lustre. It’s not just form, the smooth curved glass also facilitates better transmission of radio waves and therefore better download speeds. It reflects the ‘smooth, seamless and sharp’ OnePlus design philosophy that never loses sight of their understanding of customer needs. It’s why they haven’t let go of the 3.5 mm audio jack at a time when it has become fashionable to omit. It’s the same reason why the device doesn’t offer wireless charging — a given for flagships with a glass back, because it isn’t as practical as the company’s dash charging technology that fires up your device in quick time.



The Avengers Special Edition features a range of cool customisations that the franchise’s fans will totally dig. The back of the device is inspired by OnePlus’ community-favourite – the Karbon fibre case whose pattern is incorporated into a stunning glass design. The golden alert slider and the Avengers logo on the back are the other cool touches. There’s also an Iron Man case that’s bundled in the box and a metal token – part of a six piece logo puzzle. The Avengers version also packs the most powerful (hardly surprising; it’s the Avengers after all) hardware – 8GB of RAM with 256GB of Internal Storage. It’s not just hardware, there’s a bunch of Avengers wallpapers pre-loaded in the device.



The new design language manages to retain the same footprint as the 5T despite a slightly larger 6.28-inch screen that knocks off the bezels and comes with a notch on top of the display. It might have been pioneered by the iPhone but it’s a defining trend for Android devices too. The display specifications haven’t changed a lot since last year, the device packs a decent 401 PPI (Pixels per inch). The Super AMOLED is vibrant and offers good visibility even under the sun.


For OnePlus’ power users, this device is ultimately about its spec sheet and doesn’t disappoint your need for speed. It was ridiculously fast in all our tests. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor teams up with 6/8 GB of RAM (there are two versions) for a truly seamless performance. This is not just speed for gaming but speed that gets stuff done whether its unlocking your phone, or clicking images. The phone’s face unlock feature is particularly impressive and so is the robust battery life (3300 mAh battery) that makes it a great daily driver or travelling companion. It’s one of the many reasons why OnePlus might truly have a winner on its hands with its 2018 flagship device. And if you’re also an Avengers fan, this version is a no-brainer.


The OnePlus 6 comes in two versions – 6GB RAM / 64 GB ROM (Rs 34,999) and 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM (Rs 39,999). The Avengers edition (8GB RAM / 256 GB ROM) will arrive at the end of May at Rs 44,999.

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