These Rs. 36 Lakh Headphones Promise You A ‘Mystical Divine’ Experience
These Rs. 36 Lakh Headphones Promise You A ‘Mystical Divine’ Experience

HiFiMan’s electrostatic headphones called Shangri-la promises the listener a surreal musical experience

We’ve all heard of headphones that come every year that promise to be the best sounding headphones of all time, and every year some company dethrones the other with their product. Well, this time, it might be a little tough to do that.







A report by IndiaTimes, showcased The Shangri-La Electrostatic Headphone System from HiFiMan, a detailed sonic piece that is built with decades of design and engineering with premium expensive hardware. It is the company’s flagship electrostatic headphone.







The report included how the headphone functions, by using an electrically charged, ultra-thin diaphragm suspended between two stator panels, that’s pushed and pulled to produce the sound. The diaphragm of the device is only a mind-blowing 0.1 micrometere. You can’t even notice it when you hold it sideways. It is a marvelous detail since usual diaphragms are at least a few micrometres thick.







It goes without saying that no normal music listener would ever think of purchasing this, unless their last name is Ambani, but for a music expert who only believes in getting the purest sound, this would definitely be a product they’d want to own. 

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