Samsung Could Release Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses Very Soon
Samsung Could Release Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses Very Soon

The Samsung augmented reality glasses will be going against Huawei’s smartglasses if it goes into production

After facing an embarrassing glitch with their foldable phone, Samsung is back at it with a new kind of foldable technology. 


Samsung is in the process of developing augmented reality glasses based on a recently filed patent application that was reported by Patently Apple. The application submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office shows a foldable pair of glasses. The glasses have thick frames which house the electronic components that will run the glasses. 

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The planning of the Samsung augmented reality glasses might have been kickstarted after Huawei’s announcement of their smartglasses with Gentle Monster. The design is still at its initial stage and can still undergo various changes, but the current design showcases a small screen on the glass and bears resemblance to retro sunglasses, something that has been quite the trend lately.


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Since this is just a simple patent application, nobody can say if the product will come out of the blueprint stage and into a production stage. 

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