Sidharth Malhotra, Lady Gaga & More: Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Their Own Tech Lines

The easiest way of eternalising your name is having it in conjunction with a product that’s on the bleeding edge of technology

History has witnessed leaders decide the fate of nations and governments, people scale monumental physical challenges and even writers mesmerise readers with words. Cut to today, getting your name etched in history has gotten way easier, if you’re a celebrity at least.


If you’re a celebrity, the easiest way of eternalising your name is having it in conjunction with a product that’s on the bleeding edge of technology. As the quintessential trend of celebrity pop culture catches up, we bring you five such celebrities that have been at it.


Oppo F5 Sidharth Malhotra edition Malhotra



As if his movies weren’t enough to catch the fancy of teenagers across demographics already, Oppo collaborated with Sidharth Malhotra to bring out the Oppo F5 Sidharth Malhotra edition. Sidharth’s contribution you ask? We doubt he even had to stretch an arm for this as the only thing that makes the SM edition stand out from the stock phone is the colour.


Sure, the Oppo F5 is a powerful smartphone when it comes to specs, but we’d have loved to see Siddharth more involved in the design & development like the next celebrity on the list.


Lh44 MV Agusta



As much as he’s covert and infamous for his income taxes, we all know Lewis Hamilton’s bling when it comes to fashion. Likewise, whenever MV Agusta comes out with an LH44 badged motorcycle, there’s no holding back. Take the MV Agusta Brutale 800 LH44 edition for instance. Draped in a combination of candy red and black, it is the same Brutale 800 underneath.


Let’s not take credit away where it is due though. The Brutale 800 LH44 has been designed in collaboration with the Castiglioni Research Center (CRC). Needless to say then that attention to detail is impeccable. Everything from the clutch and brake levers, the alloys, the bar-end weights to the fuel tank cap flaunt the candy red hue unabashedly.


In stark contrast, other mechanicals like the engine and the exhaust are swathed in black. The over-the-top design of Brutale 800 LH44 is rounded off by ‘Lewis Hamilton’ insignia on the fuel tank and ‘LH44’ with the number (out of 144 units) etched on the fairing above the headlamp.


Sennheiser Pink Floyd edition



David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason. If these names ring a bell, you’ve probably heard more songs than just ‘Comfortably Numb’. In which case, you’d love the Sennheiser HD-1 draped in Pink Floyd vibes. Subtle as they are, the back of the ear cups have a rainbow print and Pink Floyd’s quintessential triangle. Sennheiser has even thrown in rainbow-coloured stitching on the headband. Aside from these, the headphones are the same as the stock ones.


Lady Gaga Polaroid GL20 Camera Glasses



Unlike most entries on this list, the Grey Label from Polaroid actually feels like a lot of Lady Gaga’s crazy schemes trickled into it. A true expression of Lady Gaga’s whacky self, the camera glasses let you capture photos and display it on the glasses’ LCD screen itself for others to see. Conceptualised in a time when augmented reality was still in its nascency, Lady Gaga sure can be called a visionary of sorts. What would have sweetened the deal would have been an actual launch of the product. Though it stole the show and captured everyone’s imagination when it was previewed, the product never saw the light of the day.


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McLaren Senna



With enough Formula1 titles behind him, there’s not much anyone can do to immortalise Ayrton Senna. So, the stakes were definitely high when McLaren decided to put Senna’s name on their car. But as Senna famously said once, “You commit yourself to such a level where there is no compromise. You give everything you have; everything, absolutely everything,” McLaren have left no stone unturned to live up to the philosophy.


It’s not really a looker; the form over function philosophy can be seen in the form of vents, cuts, intakes, and fins on the body. Similarly, the interior has been rid of a lot of contemporary sportscar features to keep its driver-focus intact. Powered by a 4.0-litre V8, the McLaren Senna is good for 800PS and 800Nm. In case you were geeking out, yes, that’s the most powerful engine in a road-legal car. Priced in the UK at £750,000 (Rs 6.47 crore) all of the 500 units of the McLaren Senna have already been booked!



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