Snapchat Is Considering Making Snaps Permanent
Snapchat Is Considering Making Snaps Permanent

Snapchat might be getting a make-over

The app is considering the unthinkable– making your snaps last longer or probably even make them permanent.


Snapchat has been notorious for disappearing pics and videos, which has been the app’s USP. However, sources told Reuters that Snapchat is planning to make dramatic changes as a part of a new plan to generate new revenue, increase their audience as well as keep the existing users engaged.


Along with increasing the shelf life of snap and possibly making them permanent, the company is also contemplating to reveal identities of users that have made their Snapchat public. There are legal implications for revealing a user’s identity on these permanent public posts but there will be an option to manually delete posts. The plan will only affect content shared on ‘Our Story’ feature.


Last year, Snap’s ‘Stories Everywhere’ initiative was an attempt to push content to more places other than Snapchat. The decision comes after the company has been losing money, which has seen its user base reduce over time and executives flee the company. 


They hope to encourage media sites to embed snaps and cover breaking news that’s originally appeared within the app. So, this will help improve the app’s visibility and support the partnership Snapchat made with various news discovery platforms last year.


But, the app has been an instant hit among the younger generation because of privacy and therefore any drastic changes could lead to a massive public backlash. The app has previously received heat after updates and design changes that weren’t popular among the masses. 

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