Sony Unveils Its MASTER Series A9F BRAVIA OLED
Sony Unveils Its MASTER Series A9F BRAVIA OLED

The A9F is a great new addition to the premium OLED TV segment in India with a bunch of smart features

A television that would be capable of displaying images that faithfully convey the creator’s full intent. This was the key message at the launch of Sony’s newest, top-of-the-line OLED TV for the Indian market. The A9F BRAVIA OLED arrives hot on the heels of its global launch and wears the ‘MASTER Series’ badge, that is reserved for TVs that meet the brand’s exacting standards. Sony is one of the few ‘fully integrated’ companies in the entertainment space and brings a deep understanding of how high-quality screen entertainment can be translated for your living room.


The key to the A9F’s stunning picture quality is over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are precisely controlled by Sony’s latest, state-of-the-art processor – the X1 Ultimate. The Processor is the key to image quality in OLED TVs, the X1 Ultimate Processor combines with the brand’s Pixel Contrast Booster. This is Sony’s original panel controller for OLED and maximises the dynamic range by widening the area of colour reproduction at high brightness. We were blown away with our first brush with the A9F during an extensive product demo that saw the A9F face off with its 2017 predecessor.



One of the key highlights is Sony’s now tried and tested ‘One Slate’ design philosophy with its clean lines and stunning aesthetics. It’s just the kind of TV that will complement other showstoppers in your living room or den. We were equally impressed with the A9F’s vibrant colours and deep blacks, this is clearly a great advert for OLED TVs at a time when consumers are weighing the pros and cons of LED vs OLED TVs. It isn’t just image quality that is the A9F’s forte, this television is all about all-round audiovisual appeal.



The A9F’s proprietary Acoustic Surface Audio+, 3.2 channel multi-dimensional sound creates an immersive entertainment experience. It takes cues from a movie theatre experience. The additional centre actuator is similar to centre speakers embedded behind an acoustically transparent screen found at the cinemas.


Sony brings its strong understanding of entertainment and 4K content with a unique tie-up with Netflix. It’s a clever move considering the amount of Netflix content that is consumed on mobile devices and smart TVs in India. There’s a unique Netflix Calibrated Mode that allows you to experience Netflix Content with the optimal video and audio settings, the way the creators intended. At a time when IOT devices are here to stay, the A9F BRAVIA is powered by Android TV 8.0 and allows you to control your other smart devices via the TV. It can seamlessly pair with Google Assistant or Alexa.



You don’t need your remote to swap channels or Apps thanks to built-in Google Assistant. Of course, the fight for the remote now moves to a new zone; all you need to say is ‘Hey Google’. The A9F is a great new addition to the premium OLED TV segment in India with a bunch of smart features and a near perfect blend of high image quality and audio prowess.


The Sony MASTER Series A9F BRAVIA OLED comes in two sizes – Rs 3,99,900 (55 inches) / Rs 5,59,900 (65 inches)





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