Sony’s Latest State of Play Makes Tekken 8 Official With A Stunning Trailer
Sony’s Latest ‘State of Play’ Makes ‘Tekken 8’ Official With A Phenomenal Trailer

Possibly the best-looking fighting game ever made

It’s been over seven years since fighting game aficionados got their hands on Tekken 7, and now, Bandai Namco has just confirmed Tekken 8 with an all-new trailer. Check it out below:


The latest ‘State of Play’ update, which teased other big-name projects such as God of War Ragnarok, gave us a glimpse of the next-gen fighting title after a brief teaser at EVO 2022 — the world’s premier fighting game tournament.


The trailer kicks off with a series-first look at real-time rendered Unreal Engine 5 graphics, along with a hint of story details to come. While the previous entry focused on the Kazuya vs. Heihachi dynamic (set against the backdrop of an active volcano), the new game takes us further down the Mishima bloodline, pitting Kazuya against his son (and series protagonist), Jin Kazama.

 Credits: Bandai Namco

The gameplay trailer is a real treat for the eyes — apart from incredible lighting effects and character designs, the new game makes things a bit more cinematic with closeups, slow-mo sequences, and evolved character movesets, all indicative of a new, streamlined approach to the fighting game genre.

According to Katsuhiro Harada, executive producer, and director, Bandai Namco Studio, the trailer is taken directly from the story mode of the game played on PS5 and is not a pre-rendered movie made specifically for the trailer but a real-time rendered footage at 60fps. He, however, added that “some of the effects, dialogue as well as the camera angle is currently being updated and may change when the game launches.”

Tekken 8 will have “newly created playable character models” with the addition of finer graphical details like how water droplets run down a character’s skin.

While the game has no release date yet, fans were considerably hyped at what will be the first Tekken game designed for ninth-gen consoles:

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Tekken 8 is set to release on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.


Lead Image: Bandai Namco

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