The best ever Halo game is here
The best ever Halo game is here

There’s less Master Chief and more Spartan Locke, but Halo 5: Guardians is a multiplayer delight

’Tis the season to own an Xbox One, isn’t it? Close on the heels of the gorgeous Forza Motorsport 6, comes another Xbox exclusive – Halo 5: Guardians. With perhaps the most iconic gaming protagonist in Master Chief firmly at the centre of the Halo universe, the series has always managed to send the cash registers ringing. And while it shouldn’t be much different with Guardians, I wish they had more Master Chief and less Spartan Locke.


You’re playing as Locke for majority of the campaign, and while there is nothing ostensibly amiss about him that I can put my finger on, he just isn’t Master Chief. Having said that, though, each of the 15 missions in the campaign mode is so well designed and thought of that they deserve a replay. Looking for the skulls was something in particular that made me go back to the campaign mode long after I had finished it. That’s not all you get with the campaign mode, either – there is also the Co-op mode where three of your friends and you can take down the AI enemies together. The co-op mode was something I loved about Guardians.


The focus for 343 Industries – the studio that develops Halo titles – was always going to be on making Guardians a multiplayer delight. And it’s safe to say they have a winner on their hands. The new 24-player Warzone mode is the best of the lot, and had me hooked for an entire night, trying to help my team rake up the 1,000 points needed to win!


Best Halo yet? I’d say so. But a little more Master Chief next time, please. Either way, if you have an Xbox One, go out and get yourself a copy.

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