The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets


Smoking gun


Our pick: PolyScience Smoking Gun 



Turn anything from meats and cocktails to salads and fruits into a flavour bomb, using combustibles like wood chips, herbs, spices and tea in your handheld smoking gun.







Meat thermometer


Our pick: Taylor Precision Products Classic Style Meat Dial Thermometer 



If you’re the sort that obsesses over the perfect medium rare steak, a meat thermometer is a handy addition to your kitchen. A basic one that measures between 100-200 degrees fahrenheit and mentions optimum temperatures for each kind of meat should do the trick.







Coffee maker


Our pick: AeroPress



A good coffee maker can shorten your brew time to under a minute, micro-filter it for grit-free coffee and rid it of any bitterness or phthalates.







Coffee bean roaster


Our pick: Gene Café CBR-101



For coffee enthusiasts, few things are as blissful as an excellent roaster that is capable of producing about a kilo of uniformly roasted coffee — right at home.







Bottle opener


Our pick: Bropener 



Let’s face it; you always need an opener handy. And it can’t get better than one that magnetically latches on to any sturdy surface — a fridge, a countertop, your car or even a boat.









Our pick: Master Class Professional Cooks Blowtorch



Easy to grip, non-flare and with a long-lasting fuel cylinder. Use your blowtorch to caramelise sugar, skin tomatoes and peppers and crisp joints of meat.







Meat tenderizer


Our pick: DCI Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer



Got a tough cut of steak to cook, or a schnitzel to flatten? No better way to do it than like a badass, we say.





Smart kettle


Our pick: iKettle



There is such a thing as a Wi-Fi kettle that you can control with a smartphone app. You can operate it from within your home or outside, instructing it to create your cuppa, sett the temperature or keep your brew warm. It’ll even let you add your friends as users.





Beer foamer


Our pick: Sonic Foamer



Even beer needs great head… to look great and to bring out the flavour of hops and malts. A foamer is one of those bar tricks that will never fail to make your brew look perfectly frothy, as well as bring out consistent taste.





Stench remover


Our pick: Amco Rub Away Bar



Cooking a meal for the lady also means that you need to rid your hands of the stench of raw ingredients when you dine with her. Stock up on a bar that fights off stubborn odours, like that from onions, fish, eggs and garlic.





Smoothie maker


Our pick: NutriBullet



Pick a good blender that yields your daily smoothie — ideally a mix of fruits and veggies — keeping it as unprocessed and nutrient-packed as ever. It’s got to be compact, easy to clean and gets bonus points for doubling up as a glass.





Sous Vide machine


Our pick: Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator



Clip one onto any pot you own to turn it into a precisely controlled water bath. A must-have for carnivores who want to cook their meat quickly, evenly and retain all its juices and flavour.

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