The Doppler headphones are your new best friend
The Doppler headphones are your new best friend

High tech earphones let you adjust sounds from the world around you

If you’ve ever been to a live music performance and thought “Man, there’s way too much bass/treble/sheer noise happening here!”, you might be in luck. A company called Doppler Labs has developed a set of smart earphones that let you adjust the volume and tonality of real-world sounds, which means that, at a concert, you will be able to reduce the amount of bass coming into your ears by making adjustments on a smartphone app. The app has controls built into it that can isolate particular sounds (a crying baby, for example, or an airplane engine) and reduce the volume on them, allowing you to listen to what you want and tune out unwanted noise.


At a live concert, you’ll have access to a range of preset equaliser settings, but you’ll also be able to tweak these parameters manually; what’s more, you’ll be able to add effects like reverb, flange and echo to whatever you’re listening to. The headphones are not, however, meant for listening to music off a phone or any other device – live sound is what they’ve been engineered for. The buds are separate from one another and are wireless, with a running time of about six hours on a full charge; a pocketable charging device will give you additional listening time. Doppler went to Kickstarter to fund the project, and they also teamed up with heavyweights like Hans Zimmer and DJ Tieste to help develop the earphones. Shipping is scheduled to begin this December.

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