Three Cool Must-Have Companion Gadgets For Your Alexa
Three Cool Must-Have Companion Gadgets For Your Alexa

Why not give your Alexa some well-deserved company?

Most of us now own smart assistant powered devices. Alexa’s voice can now be heard echoing in thousands of homes across the world. Since the launch of Amazon’s Alexa, there has been a steady rise in the number of smart products that are controlled by voice.


Alexa-compliant products can allow you to control your lights and their colours, sound systems, televisions and a whole lot more. Here, we look at three must-have products that will put your Alexa to work. 

Marshall Stanmore Voice II 

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Marshall Stanmore Voice II comes with built in Amazon’s Alexa or Google assistant. You can use physical analog knobs or the Alexa voice command to play music, toggle volume and to pause it as well.


Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit

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Philips Hue White LED starter kit includes two bulbs and a small hub that links those bulbs to your wifi. Here, you can command Alexa to switch on and off the lights, dim the bulbs with your voice. But this won’t allow you to change the colour of the bulbs. For that, you must have the hue white and colour ambiance A19 bulb starter kit.


Amazon Smart Plug

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Amazon Smart Plug lets you voice-control anything that is plugged into it. It is limited to the commands of on and off, so it works only with appliances such as coffee maker, lights and fans.


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