Top Smartphone Apps Of January 2017

It’s been an eventful first month in this new year already and even the mobile application developers had their share of fun. We browsed through the app catalogues from January and here’s what we think should catch your fancy too.


Android, Free


This launcher app essentially replaces your homescreen with one of its own. It’s an interesting concept through which you can access apps directly form your homescreen and even make calls right from the main interface. All this, by simply putting a keyboard on the landing screen.


Android, Free

It’s a multi-window app that lets you split the screen and operate two apps at one time. All you have to do is open the app, select your choice of apps and give it a shortcut name. And whenever you have to access these two apps together, simply click on the shortcut.

Exacto Photo Cut

iOS, $2.99

This photo editing app helps you remove unwanted backgrounds and create ‘razor-sharp’ photo cutouts with its Pen Selection Tool. Only specialised desktop applications allowed you to edit images along silhouettes earlier, but it will now be possible to do it on the phone or the iPad too.  


Android, Free

This app helps you improve your posture by using your gyroscope and and a screen overlay. When it detects that your phone is in a position that is too stressful for your neck, it’ll pop up a little icon in the middle of the screen to remind you to straighten up. 


iOS, Free

This one’s for all the voracious readers. It lets you shuffle between reading and listening to an e-book. And you can switch between the two anytime. So you can read at home and choose to listen while driving. Sounds fun right?

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