Vu Launches The 'World's First 100 Inch 4K LED' TV
Vu Launches The ‘World’s First 100 Inch 4K LED’ TV

Prices start at Rs 20 lakh; you can walk in to a Vu store and book one right away

After successfully building a near-Rs 1,000 crore empire, Indian electronics manufacturer Vu has now ventured out into the premium space with a 100 inch television, claimed to be the world’s first such 4K LED offering. It carries a price tag of Rs 20 lakh and can be booked by simply walking in to any Vu store.


“The Vu 100 is the most spectacular television you can buy today. Its 100 inches panel is the size of 224 iPhones,” said the company’s CEO Devika Saraf on the occasion of the TV’s launch at a hotel in Mumbai.



“But it’s not all about size. Vu’s superior panel technology gives you 2.5 billion colours with depth and sharpness, 2000 watt sound that will both stun you with its power and ensure you hear every voice with clarity. And all of this comes packed in a stylish full metal designer exterior.” 


The TV is equipped with 2.5GB of RAM to support the 16GB internal storage while the official Android Oreo is chosen as the operating system. It is powered by a quad-core CPU along with a GPU capable of crunching 3D games.



The VU 100 responds to voice commands through the bundled remote control and can also communicate with other smart home devices, much akin to the Amazon Echos of the world. The VU 100 also supports two way Bluetooth connectivity to connect wirelessly with most Bluetooth enabled devices.


Other connectivity options include 3 HDMI 2.0 ports that support the 4K resolution and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Tehre’s also an optical out port in addition to the eight JBL speakers integrated in the front panel. 


The TV weighs a shade above 100 kilos and of course not ideal for being mounted on a wall. With a one-year warranty, it is currently available only at Vu official stores but the company is planning to supply at partner stores as well.

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