Why Arkham Knight is a must-buy game

Beautiful imagery, superb side quests and a number of cult villains make the last game of the Batman trilogy pretty darn perfect

First things first, Arkham Knight is a gorgeous game. Be it the more open world than ever Gotham City – you have access to Miagini, Bleake and Founders’ – the enhanced cape-glide that leads to some awesome images of the Bat stealthily gliding over Gotham, or the tank of a Batmobile, Rocksteady Studios sure have gone the full hog for their trilogy finale.


The main storyline, to be fair, isn’t as strong as it maybe could’ve been – especially the big reveal of who Arkham Knight is – but the excellent side quests more than make up for it. The franchise’s tried and tested hand-to-hand combat has also been refined a few notches to make it even more enjoyable.  Add to that the brand new tank combat mode, and you have yourself a game that has both substance and a lot of style.


Rocksteady have also pandered to the hardcore comic book fans out there with some iconic scenes from the comics incorporated in the game. The scenes with a certain cult villain and the Bat are great to watch and will certainly make a lot of old school Batman fans very happy. Villains from the length and breadth of the Batman Universe make appearances in the game, only adding to the cult status of the title.


All in all, Arkham Knight is a must-play, must-have game. It introduces a lot of new things to the franchise, while refining the already great things of the past. Go on, take back Gotham one last time.


– Game copy courtesy GamesTheShop.com

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