WTF! These Special Apps For Pervs Take Creepy To A Whole New Level
WTF! These Special Apps For Pervs Take Creepy To A Whole New Level

Stay on alert for a whole new breed of creeps

Virtual creeps aren’t an uncommon breed. They usually do the same old trick of trying to unsuccessfully slide into DM’s, hoping that the girl falls in love with those magical words, “hey sexy nyc DP”, but the poor guy only ends up getting blocked. We get it, finding love is hard for a creep.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that girls had to deal with creeps like these, now there’s a whole new version of them. 


I recently discovered, that there are apps on Google’s play store that are taking creepy to all new levels. These apps, once downloaded, jumbles up numbers and adds these newly made up numbers directly in your contact list. And if you’re unfortunate, then your number can be added to their phone, with your whatsapp status and DP visible to them.


They can add up to 500 such numbers in their contacts, and just keep going through all of them.


If that wasn’t creepy enough for you, these apps are mostly called ‘girlfriend finder for whatsapp’ or ‘nayi whatsapp girlfriend’.


If we pool together the downloads figure for all the apps I could find, that figure comes to 700K+


Now that isn’t a small figure in any way. Think about it. An army of 7,00,000 creeps, downloading these apps, acquiring hundreds of numbers and start chatting with almost everyone. It’s like a zombie apocalypse, but worse.


The only way to prevent this is to first of all report these applications, and secondly, as a preventive measure, change your privacy settings, and make your whatsapp DP and status available only to those in your own contact list.


Luckily, as of now, these aren’t available on Apple app store, but are readily available on Google’s play store for free.

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