Xboxers, you’ve got to buy the new Forza game
Xboxers, you’ve got to buy the new Forza game

Forza 6 is the mother of all racing games, and a bit more

The moment you tap the Right Trigger on your controller to rev the accelerator for your first Forza 6 race, you know you’ve got yourself an epic game. It’s the first game – at least that I have played – which has truly maximized the haptic triggers of the XBOX One controllers, and it feels bloody good!


Forza 6 is truly a giant among racing games. Turn 10 studios have always stayed ahead of the curve with their Forza titles, and they have only gone and reinvented the curve with their latest instalment.


The game plays like a dream, whether you’re earning your stripes ground-up in the career mode, or having a casual race. The rain lashing down on some of the iconic racetracks across the world is one of the many breathtaking sights in the game.


Forza  6 has gone all out with the choice of cars at your disposal – be it an estate wagon or a supercar from the future, you will forever be spoilt for choice. A true masterpiece, and an XBOX exclusive title you must own.

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