The Root Cause of Infidelity

If you’re wracking your brains as to why your partner cheated on you when everything seemed perfect and rosy, then it’s time to read carefully what we’re about to tell you next.


But first things first: if you think the cause of your partner’s infidelity has got something to do with you, you’re wrong. You didn’t drive him or her away. It wasn’t your fault. So you need to eradicate that thought out of your head right away.


And now getting back to the reasons as to why people cheat. Take a look.


Emotional disconnect


One of the major reasons is due to the lack of emotional satisfaction in your primary relationship. People seeking emotional intimacy have always stated the need for an emotional connect, besides the physical bit, so as to fill the void in their lives.


Sexual dissatisfaction


Women and men seek other sexual partners in a bid to improve their sex lives, which may have otherwise become boring over the years. These thoughts may have been be triggered by other factors such as lack of quality time spent with each other, work related stress, and more.


The need for validation


The key to a healthy relationship and an emotional connection is when both partners show some form of appreciation towards each other. When there’s a lack of mutual acknowledgement from both ends, there’s a high possibility that partners may grow apart.


To trigger jealousy


One of the root causes of infidelity is when a partner wishes to inflict jealousy onto another in a bid to raise his or her stake in a relationship.


For newer experiences


Another very common factor is the need for newer experiences. This may be due to a disparity in the sex drives of both the partners (one may have a higher sex drive than the other). Another major factor might be the allure of adding someone new in an already established equation to spice things up.

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