Todi Social Vs Monkey Bar – Which is the cooler pub?
Todi Social Vs Monkey Bar – Which is the cooler pub?

Mumbai has two new destinations to chill and unwind.

We have another Social, now at Lower Parel. And Delhi’s famous Monkey Bar (and hopefully Fatty Bao, soon) have anchored their ship in Bandra. We were at the launch parties of both the new pubs and here’s how they fared on the MW score cards.


What’s there to drink?


The Todi Social – like all Socials – has a variety of quirky drinks which are interesting and (sometimes) downright cuckoo. There is the Lantern (yes, it is served in a lantern), the gin based U.S. Mule with a tea bag of Tang and favourites like the Rusty Nail and Old Fashioned. The quirky ones include Schizophrenia – it comes with a mirror. Watch yourself get crazy before clicking that regrettable selfie. Monkey Bar keeps it simple with the whiskey based Copper Monkey and other regular vodka and gin cocktails with minor twists. Getting sloshed is more important than frills, evidently. But make sure you have a Manga – green mango pulp with vodka. It is divine (and dangerous).


The Schizophrenia




What’s cooking, Doc?


Pork Belly Pops


Todi Social won us over with the pork belly pops paired with freshly made apple and red chilli chutney. Also, we loved the potato, cheese and corn croquettes served with a tangy homemade chilli-dry mango murabba. At the Monkey Bar, do not miss the Chicken Butterflies, delectable paneer and kheema baos (stuffed buns) and interesting bites of paani puri. Monkey Bar definitely impresses with the food, thanks to chef Manu Chandra.


No one can eat just one


From the Todi Social we pick the Salchi papa – a Latin American chicken sausage dish served with fries, a sunny side up and garnished with fresh thyme and Cajun spice. The secret ingredient is the Social’s in-house Thousand Island dressing.


Simplicity won us over at the Monkey bar. The winning bite was the Dal pakwan – mini deep fried crunchy puris topped with dehydrated dal makhni, mint chutney, parsley and onion rings. A satisfying finger food, we bet you can’t stop with just one.




While Todi Social is a little low-tempo, meant for catching up and possible business meetings, Monkey Bar is for letting your hair down, dancing to some good ol’ retro and even playing a round of foosball.


Todi Social






Monkey Bar




Brownie points


The Todi Social is welcoming young entrepreneurs with a casual atmosphere, Wi-Fi, cool workstations, conference rooms and even a 3D printer. Start up much?


Monkey Bar has foosball. <mic drop>


MW Scorecard:


Todi Social – 8/10


Monkey Bar – 7.5/10

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