You Can Now Spend A Night At The Louvre, Thanks To Airbnb
You Can Now Spend A Night At The Louvre, Thanks To Airbnb

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend an evening with Mona Lisa?

How many times have you thought about visiting the city of love and roam around the Louvre? Well, now, along with visiting the museum, you can also experience its royal hospitality after the sun goes down.


Airbnb and Musee du Louvre have come up with the most exciting idea that lets you experience what’s it like to sleep underneath the iconic glass pyramid for one night. The lucky winner will be selected by mid-April and flown to Paris by the end of the month. The winner and guest will get to spend the night at the museum on April 30.

The winner and the guest will be given a private tour of the museum by an art historian. The “night at the museum” includes relaxing on the Parisian sofa, while listening to French music on vinyl records, with the company of Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo. We know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t get better than this right? Wrong! As if all this wasn’t enough, you also get your very own private acoustic concert in Napolean III’s opulent apartment. After all these extravagant activities, you get to go to bed under the museum’s clear glass pyramid.

Go visit Airbnb’s official website and answer a very simple question if you want to be part of this unforgettable experience.

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