Where And How To Enjoy The Ultimate Kerala Boat House Experience
Where And How To Enjoy The Ultimate Kerala Boat House Experience

The Kerala boat house experience is a unique one and we’re here to show you how to go about it the right way

A Kerala boat house experience is something everyone should yearn for. Who wouldn’t want to cruise on the serene backwaters of Kerala in a luxurious boat with air conditioning and good food? So we’re here to guide you on where and how you can have the ultimate Kerala boat house experience:


Kerala has various locations where you can witness a different kind of backwater scenery. Alappuzha is the most popular backwater destination in Kerala and a boat house cruise in Alappuzha will include going over the beautiful Vembanad Lake. Another popular destination is Kochi. Kochi’s backwaters are a chain of brackish lagoons of Vembanad Lake and the serene backwaters are popularly known as Veeranpuzha. But if you want to experience the backwaters in all its might, Alleppy will be your best option. Kollam and Ashtamudi lake are also great options if you’re looking for going boat housing in the Southern region of the state. 







Now that your Kerala boat house location has been decided, it’s time to get your bookings done. To book your Kerala boat house, you can either pre-book online or head to the jetty and negotiate with drivers and agents for a good deal. We suggest you pre-book your cruise as you don’t have to waste time bargaining with drivers and agents who can sometimes end up being rude. But if you’re hell-bent on cruising the river at a lower price, then by all means, go ahead and put your bargaining skills to the test. 


The boat houses come in several different sizes with varying amenities. Basically, the more you pay, the more amenities you’ll be able to enjoy. You can either opt to rent the boat for half a day, the whole day or to stay overnight. If you’re planning to stay overnight on the boat, it’s suggested you opt for a room with air-conditioning. 


The ideal Kerala boat house experience is majorly defined by the delicious food you’ll be served while on the backwater. You can talk to your driver, who can arrange for a cook who can bring you freshly prepared food right from the boat kitchen. You have the option to choose lip-smacking Kerala delicacies like pork, beef, and of course, fish. A karimeen fry with a glass of toddy or beer (whichever you prefer) is all you need to make life a little better. For vegetarians, the options are quite limited though.


Other than enjoying the view of the backwaters and relishing traditional authentic food, you can also make a pit stop at a neighbouring village. Usually, these are places where you can buy items like spices, souvenirs, handicrafts and even toddy.


We highly suggest you spend at least a day on a Kerala boat house. Watching the sunset from your boat house is a unique experience that you probably won’t get to do all the time, so might as well make full use of the opportunity you have. 






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