Five Offbeat Tourist Places In Kerala For You To Visit This Summer
Five Offbeat Tourist Places In Kerala For You To Visit This Summer

From serene beaches to picturesque mountains

From the beautiful hills of Munnar to the serene backwaters of Alappuzha, we’re all aware of all the popular tourist places in Kerala. The state is a treasure chest of unique holiday destinations and has something for every type of traveller. The mountain lover has several tourist places in Kerala to visit and the same goes for the beach lover or the adventure junkie. 


But travellers are always given a list of the usual tourist places in Kerala when the state has so much more to offer. Here, we take a look at five such off-beat locations that you need to head over to during your trip to God’s own country:




Silent Valley National Park





If we’re talking about offbeat tourist places in Kerala, then it doesn’t get better than venturing into a national forest right? Spread across an area of 237.52 sqr km and located in the north-east part of Palakkad district in Kerala, the Silent Valley National Park is an ecological treasure for the state.  The park lives up to its intriguing name by boasting an array of flora and fauna, especially rare and endangered ones. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Silent Valley Park is home to the endangered species of the lion-tailed macaque. There are 138 species of birds, 730 varieties of insects and 34 species of mammals here. Around 1000 species of flowering plants, 108 species of orchids, 100 ferns, 75 lichens, 200 liverworts, and about 200 algae, unique only to the Western Ghats flourish here. The unique Cobra plant, resembling a snake, is also found here. 




Edakkal Caves





If we’re talking about offbeat tourist places in Kerala, this is as offbeat as it gets. Not a lot of states can boast about having caves that hold thousands of years of human heritage engraved on their stones, but Kerala can. Eddakal caves in an archaeological gem in the Wayanad district that offers a unique experience to travellers who are keen on history and anthropology. The caves hide beautiful inscriptions that have links to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Reaching the cave is definitely a task, as you have to trek almost 4000 ft. up the mountain which can prove to be a tough climb for some. But the trek is worth it, because, at the end of it, you’re treated to an unfiltered view of the beautiful valley and of course, those priceless ancient inscriptions.









Nelliyampathy is another hidden gem in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It boasts of beautiful waterfalls and mountain peaks that are high enough to kiss the sun. The location is made for those who love peace and serenity. The hills of Nelliyampathy are well known for orange cultivation, tea gardens and bio-farming. Over 200 species of birds and 90 species of butterflies inhabit the beautiful forests. Reaching Nelliyampathy is a tricky one though, as there are 10 hairpin bends and narrow roads, but is a drive that has picturesque mountains to give you company along the way.









Part of the Periyar Tiger Resort, Gavi is a picture-perfect location that has been hidden from the world for way too long. Gavi boasts of rich wildlife and luscious forests like you’ve never seen before. A jeep safari by the forest department can let you catch a glimpse of animals like tigers, elephants, bears, sambars, barking deers, Indian Gaurs and Nilgiri Martens. 




Marari Beach





Marari beach is another great choice for those looking for offbeat tourist places in Kerala. The beach was part of National Geographic’s “best hammock beaches” in the world. Marari offers seclusion and calmness to anyone who is seeking that and gives you the privacy and peace of mind you’d expect to have on a beach. 






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