Why Goa Is India's Most Over-Rated Long Weekend Destination
Why Goa Is India’s Most Over-Rated Long Weekend Destination

We know, we know. All of you are probably fuming from within at us. But, hang in there and hear us out.

We know, we know. All of you are probably fuming from within at us. But, hang in there and hear us out. While we have no problem with Goa’s food, its vibrant culture, some breathtaking Portuguese architecture and the dirt cheap alcohol prices, there are a few things that tick us off about the place. It’s not the worst long weekend destination, but it’s not the best (like it’s made out to be) either. 


You’ll probably bump into someone you know


Well, since the long weekend is for everyone, a lot of people will head to Goa. Because it’s so mainstream. If your purpose is to spend exclusive time with your lover or your friends, it’s important you don’t want a third person or a party coming in and spoiling the party. 


The government is cracking down on the nightlife



Thanks to the stingy government, there’ll be no more drinking allowed on the beach and you can say goodbye to partying under the night sky. That’s such a mood kill for those of us who have had the time of our lives partying that way. 


There’s a huge chance you’ll get ripped off


So you’re looking to score some weed from a random person? Chances are you’ll be charged a bomb, tipped off to the police, or given plain tobacco instead of marijuana. If you look too innocent (that’s not a bad thing), then some junkies will look at you as a target to fulfill their financial needs. We’ve heard too many unfortunate stories that have happened. 


You’ll find less crowded, more peaceful and cleaner beaches elsewhere


Ever heard of Gokarna? The truth is that the entire west coast is filled with some breathtaking beaches, where you’ll probably find cheaper accomodation as well. 


You’ve probably been there once


Life is too short to go to one destination twice. Because no matter how much you love being somewhere, there are always new landscapes and fresher sceneries to appreciate. And yes, newer cuisines to try. Though we have nothing against Pork Vindaloo. 

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