A Travel Guide To Spending 48 Hours In Lucerne
A Travel Guide To Spending 48 Hours In Lucerne

Situated in central Switzerland, the city offers a great mix of medieval romanticism, modern architecture, natural
beauty and Swiss culture

Lucerne is considered one of the prettiest cities in the world, and for good reason – you experience buckets of old world charm and romance at every corner. With a wide selection of tourist attractions, museums, stores, a breathtaking lakeside location and mountain retreats, the city has always been a favourite with travellers of all kinds. A weekend here is something that you’ll remember for a long time.






 Breakfast at Dr Oetker Café



Run by German management, the cafe offers mouthwatering food and is perfect for a laid-back brunch. How do freshly made pancakes, waffles, crepes, hash browns, locally sourced cheese with homemade jam, coffee and the comfort of cosy wooden interiors sound? The all-day breakfast menu is a delight, considering you can walk in at any time to binge on the cakes at the dessert counter.




Cruise on Lake Lucerne





A sixty-minute boat trip, on a historic paddle steamer or an elegant saloon motor vessel, is one of the highlights of the region. The cruise takes the route between Lucerne and Vitznau, passing by some extremely scenic spots. Witness the Swiss Alps from the water, as you unwind on the main deck or upper deck. The cruise has an audio guide in various languages, to take you through the attractions along the shoreline. A three-course lunch, included with the cruise, goes well with the lovely scenery.




Guided city walk of Lucerne



To best explore the city, take a walk and immerse yourself in all that Lucerne has to offer. The city walk can be completed in a couple of hours and is conducted by tour guides, who take you to discover the history of the old city.


Famous sights include the Chapel Bridge, with an octagonal water tower, the Jesuit Church, the Lion Monument and the Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne, among others. You will discover hidden alleys, visit town squares and catch a glimpse of the city’s crown, the Musegg Wall.




Dinner at Rebstock



At Rebstock, the cuisine is creative, seasonal and traditionally Swiss. It’s located at the foot of the imposing Church of St. Leodegar and exudes exceptional charm. On warmer days, experience the luxury of open-air dining, with some Swiss wine to go with it.


The location of the restaurant isn’t a mere coincidence. History has it that in the Middle Ages when the church was surrounded by a handsome monastery, a small house stood where the Rebstock is now situated. It was here that the monastery’s winemaker lived. The steak tartare here is a highlight, and one of the best you will ever try.






Brunch at Restaurant Mill’Feuille



The Mill’Feuille scores high, with its perfect setting by Lake Lucerne. To maximize it, take a seat outside and enjoy your meal, with soft background music. With an all-day dining menu, the place needs special mention for its vegan and vegetarian options. You could sit down with a hot chocolate and oven eggs, or try the gluten-free cottage cheese herbs.




Explore the Swiss Transport Museum



The Swiss take great pride in their transport and mobility networks, and the museum is an ode to them. It’s an interactive space and gives you a look at the development of transport and mobility on road, rail and water, as well as air and space travel.


There are approximately 3,000 objects on display and a variety of multimedia shows. It makes for a great family outing, and on view are cars, boats, trains and aircraft, many of which can be boarded. A crowd favourite is the Swiss Chocolate Adventure, which takes you on an adventure through the rainforests of Africa, and tells you about the chocolate-making process.




A walk through the Rosengart Collection



 The Rosengart Collection began life as the private collection of the art dealer Siegfried Rosengart (1894–1985) and his daughter, Angela. The Museum Rosengart Collection houses work by Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and other Impressionist and Classical Modernist artists. The museum has a variety of special guided tours for children, adults and families. You are handed a booklet containing detailed descriptions of the art on display (and asked to hand over your phone at the desk).


The three-storied museum has designated spaces for each artist. The entire ground floor displays the work of Picasso, arranged in chronological order from 1938 to 1969. The first floor displays the complex world of Picasso’s drawings and prints as well as five portraits of Angela Rosengart. The basement houses 125 watercolours, drawings and oil paintings by Paul Klee.




Dinner at Restaurant Schiff



 An indoor meal surrounded by pictures of the Chapel bridge (which is over 200 years old) makes for an excellent choice to unwind at the end of the day. Indulge in traditional Swiss fondue, fresh salads, pumpkin soup and “kirchtorte” as a dessert. The staff is warm and friendly and the service is fantastic. The Schiff comprises the typically Swiss Wirtsstube parlour, the rustic Wirtskeller cellar and an agreeable terrace by the Reuss.









 Radisson Blue in Lucerne overlooks the banks of Lake Lucerne, with 189 rooms and suites. The glass-fronted hotel lies 1.8 km from the Lion Monument and 15 km from Mount Pilatus. The hotel is well equipped with every modern amenity and houses an upscale Mediterranean restaurant, wine bar and 1970s-style cocktail and whisky bar. The complimentary breakfast buffet has an array of options, and the hair salon is an added plus.

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