Off The Beat: The Best Less-Known New Year's Eve Party Destinations In The World
Off The Beat: The Best Less-Known New Year’s Eve Party Destinations In The World

Since Las Vegas and Ibiza are done to death.

Las Vegas and Ibiza are done to death. If you’re looking to close out the year at a raging party, these alternative hotspots around the world may pique your interest.





Often the last place that people think of as a proper party destination, New Orleans is a cocktail of many things: theatre, great music, drunken nights and, of course, jazz music. The streets are always buzzing with swarms of local and international tourists. This city is definitely not one to call it a night too early. The improv theatre scene is worth checking out as well.







If the popular Instagram hashtag, #islandlife, were to be defined with a visual, the sun, sand and waves of Mykonos would likely constitute that picture. The southern coast is lined up with bars and restaurants overlooking the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. They also host parties through the day as well as night, every day. It’s almost as if the rager never stops – you’re a guest for as long as you’d like to stay. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key to do around the island, Cine Manto one of Greece’s oldest outdoor cinemas, has an incredible garden bistro and a show or two screened out in the open.





Having gained considerable popularity among Indian tourists in recent times, Bali is closer to home than you may think, with many overlapping cultural and mythological elements. On the nightlife front, though, Bali has long evolved from a hippie and surfer paradise to a thriving party destination. Hit the beaches during the day, because if you don’t have a tan, were you even there? By night, everything transforms into an unforgettable multi-cultural party. For the young guns on a budget, there’s Kuta, while for high-rollers looking to savour their cocktails, Seminyak is a better bet.







Caribbean summers are overrated, but how about a visit to Punta Cana in the chilly winter? Prepare for a wild ride. The 30 km coastline is home to a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that will have you singing, dancing and more. Each setup on this stretch is different from the other. While one club has interconnected ‘music’ caves, the next one may offer a buy-your-own-booze service where the server gets some glasses to drink it in. This is how the Dominican Republic keeps things interesting.





It’s a little difficult to pick the ultimate party spot in this country, but Koh Phangan arguably makes a great case for itself. A majority of the nightlife on this island is based on the lunar cycle. From the Black Moon Culture to Half Moon Festival, Shiva Moon and more, the parties go on all night. You’re going to have to prep for these ragers with all the energy drinks you can get your hands on.





We’re making a safe assumption that you could start a riot just by being in Cabo San Lucas. Think about it – the Mexican party city is best described as wild, boisterous and always-on, so you’re always only a flash mob away from bringing the party from the clubs and bars on to the streets. Places around Plaza Bonita will be just what you need after a long, hard day at the beach. Spare some time for a stroll across the Marina boardwalk too.





If you’re ever planning a Euro trip, leaving Croatia off your itinerary would be a terrible idea. For anyone who has heard of Pag, even more so. The “Croatian Ibiza” lives up to its nickname of a 24-hour party island. On the one hand, you do have Novalja village, where folks can enjoy the beach minus blaring loudspeakers. On the other, Zrec beach is a sea of party-goers and strobe lights, making it a giant, 24×7 “natural club” – if you can call it that.





Reykjavik is fast gaining attention after Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently holidayed there. But despite the celebrity tourists, lavafilled marvels and scenic waterfalls, the Icelandic capital has its own burgeoning list of nightlife attractions. The pizza place with no name, Harpa Concert Hall, insane pub crawls and lots more put Reykjavik on the party map of the world. Besides, hot dogs aren’t served as the best drunk food anywhere but here. Bill Clinton agrees, but only with the ‘best hot dog’ claim.

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