An upcoming guided motorcycle tour by an Indian travel start-up – Embarq Motoring Experiences will take its participants through the vastly unexplored country of Kyrgyzstan. For those unable to place the former Soviet republic on the map, the country lies north of the J&K border, with Tajikistan separating the two countries.


According to the founders of Embarq – automotive journalist Piyush Sonsale and entrepreneurs Medha Joseph and Sunil Patwardhan, Kyrgyzstan is covered with vast snow-capped mountains, surreal plains and an old-world agrarian charm which makes it perfect for a spot of motorcycling.  The trip, dubbed ‘The Silk Route tour’ retraces bits of the ‘Silk Route’ – the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean and commences and ends in the capital city of Bishkek.


The participants will constantly be accompanied by one of the co-founders on a lead car and motorcycle and will have access to a rental motorcycle (Yamaha XT 600) along with fuel, a spare bike, food and stay covered for a price of Rs 1.5 lakh (Plus an additional $300 as a refundable deposit for the motorcycle). Included in the package are local sim cards, tech support and on-site photographers to capture the best of Kyrgyzstan for you. The 7 day tour starts on the 1st of October and ends on the 7th of October.







Those who wish to travel by car can opt for a similarly priced package which gives them access to a Toyota 4Runner.   The tour contains pre-selected flashpoints which people can explore on their way back to the capital. All the activities have been researched and selected to give participants a holistic, cultural and topographic experience of the Kyrgyztan.

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