View a badass Cristiano Ronaldo in GTA 5
View a badass Cristiano Ronaldo in GTA 5

The football superstar scares away women and carjacks a supercar in a fan’s version of the popular video game

What would  a rough Cristiano Ronaldo look like off the field?  Very very mean, according to one fan who has let  his imagination run wild with his version of GTA5 featuring CR7, uploaded on Youtube. It features the Real Madrid icon in his full football regalia, walk with the kind of swagger that scares away bikini clad women on the beach, juggle a football at the edge of a cliff and knock down a motorcyclist with a right foot smash, carjack a Lamborghini lookalike, stop by a strip club, do his own version of the Jean-Claude Van Damme truck split, and then drive off with two bikini topped babes. Not the kind of image FIFA would like to portray to fans.


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