Virtual Golf Review: Worthy Alternative To The Real Deal?
Virtual Golf: A Fun and Affordable ‘Shot’ At Improving Your Skills

If hitting a golf ball has always been on your bucket list, here’s an innovative alternative to the real deal, without necessarily having made it to the ‘rich boys’ club

Spending an evening out on the golf course still feels like an idyllic dream to many. More so in a country like ours, which reportedly boasts a meagre 2.5 lakh golfers in a population of 140.76 cr. That said, if hitting a golf ball has always been on your bucket list—without necessarily having made it to the ‘rich boys’ club— an innovative offering by The Claridges New Delhi aims to offer an experience, or better yet a whiff of it with its state-of-the-art golf simulator.


On a balmy Sunday afternoon, I decided to battle insane amounts of lethargy and explore the city for its newest offerings— the golf simulator being one, and, here’s everything I’ve gathered as far as my experience goes.


So, what’s the buzz really?



Equipped with high-speed cameras and advanced computer software that can capture a player’s swing and provide feedback on their performance, the newly launched Golf simulator has been designed to offer enthusiasts— even those with zero prior experience in terms of playing sport— a unique experience. Simply put, the arrangement enables users to either hone their golf skills or just get a taste of the sport, which has long enjoyed a repute of being an aspirational game.


Interestingly, the simulator allows guests to practice, record, and analyse their performance. The software reportedly provides feedback on each shot’s ball speed, trajectory, and other metrics, helping players adjust their swing or select the right club for each shot. And of course, you can select the right club for each shot as the hotel has trained instructors to help you.


What to expect



The arrangement offers users with the option to literally play (virtually) in the most famous golf courses around the world without leaving the room (a bonus, given the sweltering heat of the impending summers). The addition of the GOLF simulator underscores The Claridges’ commitment to providing its guests with the latest technologies and amenities to enhance their stay. While seasoned players might have higher expectations from the game as opposed to novices, the concept makes for a good start.

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