Wackiest Sanskari Memes To Celebrate Alok Nath's Birthday
Wackiest Sanskari Memes To Celebrate Alok Nath’s Birthday

Babu ji doesn’t cut a cake, but Mathura peda on his birthday

In this world where sex sells like hot cakes, Babu ji’s sanskaars are what keep things in the balance. Be it performing kanyadaans across the globe or smoking agarbattis over joints, Alok Nath is the symbol of Puritanism in our part of the world.


And while he’s cutting Mathura pedas to celebrate his 61st birthday, we can’t help but relive some of the wackiest Babu ji memes to commemorate the occasion. All for his aashiwrwaad!

Even Babu ji enjoyed a colourful bachelor life…

Then he got married and took care of the household…

And he finally shouldered the burden of single-handedly showering sanskaars upon everyone in need. 

And then began his record-breaking kanyadaan marathon! 


And here is Babu ji himself, breaking some ‘good’ for this undeserving mankind.

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